9. aug, 2018

90 prize + 100 prize in MIRA – Race 3 (176km)!!

The MIRA race number 3 (176km) was a very hard race with slow speed, and still many expected birds (about 650 arrival birds of 1.211 basketed at this moment). Our loft performed well and we are very satisfied with arrival of eight birds out of eight basketed.

Our «MARIO 105» won a 90th prize and "HARRYS 96" won a 100th prize towards 1.211 birds. 

«MARIO 105» is after our Prange bloodlines from Jens Borker and “Super Mario” / “Lucky 848” bloodlines form Drapa. 

«HARRY 96» is after our Hooymans and Koopman bloodlines. Father won in Corabia 14p in the OLR Final (565km) and 14p in the FCI Final (368km). Mother is double Grand Daughter of the famous «HARRY».

Full-brother «HARRY 96» raced in Derby Sofia 2018:

  • 4e / 1.455b (260km)
  • 15 ACE bird (2.645 birds)
  • 16e / 2.244b (150km)
  • 96e / 1.404b (200km)
  • 195e / 1.290b (Final 420km)

We are now looking forward for the MIRA semi-final (260km) 13th of August!