29. jul, 2018

FINAL RACE in Derby Sofia, AS Golden and Halkidiki!


With nine birds basketed for the final, we were a litle excited about the results. Even though we missing a top results, we are very satisfied to arrive six of our basketed final birds, and ranked 15th ACE birds towards 2.645 birds with our “HARRY 49”. 

Top-100 results in Derby Sofia 2018:

  • 4e / 1.455b (260km)
  • 16e / 2.244b (150km)
  • 57e / 1.404b (200km)
  • 73e / 2.356b (100km)
  • 75e / 2.244b (150km)
  • 84e / 1.404b (200km)
  • 96e / 1.404b (200km)



Last year we were out any basketed birds for the final race, and we are satisfied to have two birds basketed for the AS Golden final 2018. We are happy with arrival of both basketed birds were our “CRACK 88” won a 195 prize and “FAST GREY 45” won a 221 prize. 

Top-100 results in AS Golden Race 2018:

  • 2e / 1.557b (125km)
  • 16e / 928b (280km)



With a very hard racing program over-sea, we are satisfied to have two basketed birds for the Derby Halkidiki Final 2018. Also in this race we are satisfied with arrival of both basketed birds, were our “KANNIBALS 79" won a 69 prize and "TOBY PLAZE 89" won 81 prize.  

Top-100 results in Derby Halkidiki 2018:

  • 69e / 225b (325km – OLR Final)
  • 71e / 1.163b (85km)
  • 80e / 982b (160km)
  • 81e / 225b (325km – OLR Final)

Presentation of all of OLR arrived final birds and auction info will follow!