22. jul, 2018

4 prize in Derby Sofia OLR semi-final (260km)!

In today’s semi-final in Derby Sofia our «HARRYS 49» impresses again, and this time with a 4th prize towards 1.455 birds.

This nice inbred bird have raced following in the Derby Sofia, so far:

- 4e / 1.455b (260km Semi-Final)
- 16e / 2.244b (150km)
- 96e / 1.620b (200km)
- 653e / 2.356b (100km)

«HARRY 49» is after our Hooymans and Koopman bloodlines. Father won in Corabia 14p in the OLR Final (565km) and 14p in the FCI Final (368km). Mother is double Grand Daughter of the famous «HARRY».

We are also very satisfied with arrival of all of our basketed semi-final birds, were we now have totally 9 birds (out of 12 starting birds) ready for the OLR Final 28th of July (420km).

Still a hard final race left, and we are looking forward for the final race in Derby Sofia 2018!