10. feb, 2018

CAR RACE-1 (Survival Race) Derby ARONA 2018 !

SPIDER 73” with a nice 73 price (1.093 birds) at todays CAR RACE-1 (Survival Race) Derby ARONA 2018. This race is the first race from Grand Canaria, and is a very hard race with about 100km over the sea!

Father of “SPIDER 73” is a nice cock and inbred “CHAMP” (father “POKERFACE”). Mother is a daughter “SPIDERMAN” and a granddaughter “POKERFACE” (org. Drapa).

Our second bird «USEDOM» was ranked 680 at the «Survival Race» from Grand Canaria. We are very satisfied to get 2 of 2 back from this hard race, and still 3 more very hard races to go.

  • CAR RACE-2 (135 km Grand Canaria, 24-26 Feb)
  • SEMIFINAL CAR RACE-3 (230 km Fuerteventura, 8-11 Mar)
  • FINAL RACE 2018 (275 - 300km Fuerteventura 24 Mar)