19. sep, 2017

86 prize in CORABIA OLR FINAL (525km) !!

New milestone achieved by our loft, when “MISS CORABIA” completed all six races in the Corabia OLR 2017.

This beautiful hen got the 86th place in the OLR finale 2017 (525km).

«MISS CORABIA» result after 6 of 6 races (total of 1.979km):

- 7 ACE SPEED bird (1.831 birds)
- 26p FCI Final (368km)
- 51p Race 3 (270km)
- 82p Race 1 (110km)
- 86p OLR Final (525km)
- 104p Race 2 (178km) 
- 192p Semi-final (515km)

This bird is a full sister «BIG COSMO» raced 67 prize in Sofia OLR Final 2017 (420km).

«MISS CORABIA» is from our breeding  PAIR 18 (Comb.Beverdam)