15. sep, 2017


With late arrival at the semi-final (192 prize at 515km), our 26-prize FCI Final winner «MISS CORABIA» ensure participation from our loft also in the Corbaia OLR final (525km).

With a little skeptical, we look forward to the Corabia OLR final were 4 of the 217 basketed finals birds are from Norway.

The final take place at Saturday 16.09.17

«MISS CORABIA» result after 5 of 6 races:

- 26p / 677 birds from Barlad (FCI Final 368km)
- 51p / 933 birds from Sarat (270km)
- 82p / 1.211 birds from Ghimpati (110km)
- 104p / 1.072 birds from Movilta (178km)
- 192p / 546 birds from Darabani (Semi-final 515km)

This bird is ranked 7 ACE SPEED bird (towards 1.831 starting birds) and is a full sister «BIG COSMO» raced 67 prize in Sofia OLR Final 2017 (420km).

«MISS CORABIA» is from our breeding  PAIR 18 (Comb.Beverdam)