10. sep, 2017

80 and 155 prize - OSTSEERENNEN FINALE (405km) !!

In sunny weather and good visibility, wind force 2-3 SW from left, results in a very fast final race in the Ostseerennen. After about 4 hours  at their wings, we are very happy with 2 out of 2 final birds prized as 80th and 155th.

MOTHER of 80th prize “SILVER FIGHT” is a very nice grandchild “SKY FIGHTER” (a son of Pokerface from Andreas Drapa).

FATHER is a grand grandchild “Totila” x “Halla” (Jens Borker). For info see PAIR 10

FATHER of 155th prize “FAST POKER” is direct son of the famous “POKERFACE” (a son of Champ from Andreas Drapa). A grandchild wins 1st prize FCI FINAL MIRA 2017 (330km) 24.000 EUR and 9e semi-final (200km) 

MOTHER of “FAST POKER” is a direct daughter of the super breeding pair “TOTILA” x “HALLA” from Jens Borker.

For info see PAIR 01

Full brother “FAST POKER” raced in SOFIA '17:

- 10e ACE bird (2.400 birds)
- 76e (190km)
- 77e (FINAL 420km)

and in Mediterraneo '17: 

- 36e (200km)
- 75e (146km)
- 135e (FINAL 518km)

Half sisters/brothers of "FAST POKER" wins:

- 3e (115km), 12e (368km) and 25e (525km) Corabia OLR '16
- 32e (200km), 68e(160km) and 95e (FCI final 342km) Mira '16