28. aug, 2017

Our loft with a strong 8th place at the FCI Championship !!

After nine FCI Finales, we are very satisfied to inform our loft is ranked as number 8th in the FCI Championship “2 best results after 9 races”. We have still pigeons left in the coming FCI one loft races like: 

- Ostseeflug Usedom (FCI final 01.09)
- MIRA (FCI final 02.09)
- Talent Quatro (FCI final 12.09)
- Costa del Sol (FCI final 23.09)
- Algarve Great Derby (FCI final 29.09)

We x-fingers for more FCI points in the up-coming hard OLR races towards many good international lofts.

Complete result list is at link:  FCI RESULT LIST