14. aug, 2017

7 PRIZE – Team Femhøje OLR Final (425km) !!

We are very satisfied to announce a great seventh prize in the Team Femhøje OLR 2017. In a very hard 425km race from Altona our “New Princess” perform very well.

FATHER (ref. picture) of «New Princess» raced in Corabia OLR 2017 following nice results:

- 11e ACE Fond (525km + 565km)
- 31e ACE General (6 races - 2.021km)
- 15e Final (565km)
- 45e Semi-Final (525km)


GRANDMOTHER raced in Corabia OLR 2014:

- 10e Semi Final (515 km)
- 26e ACE General
- 26e ACE Fond (515 km + 565 km)

MOTHER of «New Princess» is a nice inbred "Rauw-Sablon" hen and 3x Grand-Grandchild "Den DROMER".

More info at 2017 PAIR SP1