30. jul, 2017

NEW 2 PRIZE – Team Femhøje OLR (Altona 425km) !!

«MY PRINCESS» won a new 2nd prize with a good race from Altona (425km – 1.467m/min) at Team Femhøje middle distance OLR 2017 (yearlings).

«MY PRINCESS» Team Femhøje prizes above 400km in 2017:

  • 2 prize Althona 425km - 29/7 (1.467m/min)
  • 2 prize Soltau 500km - 15/7 (1.215m/min)
  • 3 prize Althona 425km - 8/7 (1.137m/min)


This nice bird is a van Koppen (Blau Vierzon) x Twan Bongers (Kimlynn) combination.

NOTE! Full sister (NOR-032-16-484) raced in Norway 2rd prize at Drevsjø (450km). Half-sister (same father) «THEA» raced 14 prize at Derby Sofia semi-final 2017 (265km), 150 place at Final 420km and ending 19 ACE bird in Derby Sofia against 2.400 starting birds!