23. jul, 2017

Fantastic results in Sofia OLR 2017 !!

We are very satisfied with 67 - 77 - 150 - 171 prizes out of  810 birds at the Derby Sofia OLR final (420km) 22nd of July.

These results gives our loft some nice FCI points in additional to a good One Loft Racing World League  ranking.

A final race in headwind and 33 degree heat, does not make this performance less impressive!

Helgesen Racing Pigeons start with 6 participated birds out of totally 2.400 birds at the Derby Sofia 2017. Ending this OLR with 4 arrivals at the Final gives us confidence for further breeding and OLR´s participation.

Following youngster arrived at the Sofia Final: 

  •   67p "BIG COSMO" from pair 18 (Comb.Beverdam)
  •   77p "KING" from pair 1 (Drapa / Jens Borker)
  • 150p "THEA" from pair 11 (Koos van Koppen / Nico van Noordenne)
  • 171p "BLUE CHAMPION" from pair 4 (Van Roy Koen / Koopman)