16. jul, 2017

2nd + 3rd prize Drevsjø (450km - Section 14 in Norway) !!

In 2016, some of our youngsters raced very well at Knut Inge Krogsether racing loft  (ref. link to TEST STATIONS). Two of these youngsters raced even better as yearlings in 2017 with 2nd and 3rd prize at Drevsjø (450km). Knut Inge is ranked 5TH National Championship in 2017 and his daughter Christina is ranked 1st National Youth Championship.

We are very satisfied to get these results at Knut Inge’s loft, since this Drevsjø race is a very hard race across high mountains and fjords.

FATHER “484” is a nice sire from Koos Van Koppen with very good racing lines (father “Son Blauwe Vierzon” raced 1e / 1.236b and Grandfather “Blauwe Vierzon” (from Theo Boekhorst) won 1e / 3.580 birds, 1e / 965 birds, 1e / 663 birds).

NOTE! This is the same father as father of 14-prize winner “THEA” in DERBY SOFIA semi-final 2017 (265km).

MOTHER “484” is a very nice inbred hen after the Natinal winner “KIMLYNN” from Twan Bongers (Jan Aarden lines). “KIMLYNN” raced 1 NAT / 22.319b (1.016km) !!

FATHER “487” is son of the very good racer “HOPE” (1p / 3.363b) and is 2x grandson “KIMLYNN” from Twan Bongers.

MOTHER “487” is granddaughter the very good racers “BONTE” x “KIMLYNN”

“487” is a pure Twan Bongers bird!