14. jul, 2017

14 prize - DERBY SOFIA Semi-Final (265km) !!

Helgesen Racing Pigeons also shows at the results list in Derby Sofia 2017 with a very nice 14 prize at Race 3 and the semi-final (265km).

Father 14p «Thea» is a nice sire from Koos Van Koppen with very good racing lines (father “Son Blauwe Vierzon” raced 1e / 1.236b and Grandfather “Blauwe Vierzon” (from Theo Boekhorst) won 1e / 3.580 birds, 1e / 965 birds, 1e / 663 birds).

Mother 14p «Thea» is nice hen from Nico van Noordenne also with very good racing lines (father «Happy Hardcore» raced 1e / 2.049b and a grandfather «Ermerveen's Hope» raced 1e / 9.188b, 1e / 2.397b).

SOFIA FCI FINAL 22th of July

We expect a hard final race where totally four of our OLR birds are now ready for the Sofia FCI Final (420km) 22th of July.