10. jan, 2017

Derby Arona 2017

Together with local pigeon friends Helgesen Racing Pigeons was planned to participate in DERBY ARONA 2017 by the "Team Norwegian Seagulls".

Following lofts are included in the team:

  • Artic Loft of Norway
  • Martin Sævareid
  • Helgesen Racing Pigeons
  • Sveinar Kringlebotten
  • Lars Eikeland
  • Edvard Engelsen
  • Einar and Knut Inge Krogsæther


This year we will only compete with replacement / compensation birds from Derby Arona "Sales List", since our own birds get lost during the transport from Germany to Tenerife in October 2016.

More details at link DERBY ARONA 2017