• "Son Jonge Raket"

  • "Daughter DER NAT.1"

  • Pedigree!

    Original Karl-Heinz Wichert

    Direct Son of “JONGE RAKET”

    Grandson of “YVAN” (Herbots best breeder ever!).

    Father “JONGE RAKET” is 1st NAT ACE young bird in Germany versele master award!! He is also father of 1st and 5th ACE bird Reg. (14.000 pigeons) and 7th ACE bird OLR Mira 2016!!

    Mother “NATIONAL YVANA” is daughter of “YVAN” who won 1st NAT ACE bird KBDB, 1st and 4th NAT ACE bird KBDB! Herbots best breeder ever and father of 7x1 prices, and grandsire o “CHRISTIANE” (1st NAT Argenton)

  • Pedigree!

    Original Andreas Drapa

    Direct daughter “DER Nationale 1” who won 1e NAT (12.801 birds - 550km).

    Granddaughter "AVENTADOR" who won 1st ACE bird in Germany HDI 2015.

    Granddaughter “MONA LISA” who is full-sister of Drapa super racers and breeders “CHAMP” (father “POKERFACE”) and “CARL”

  • "Son Jonge Raket" is new at our loft!

  • "Dgt. DER NAT.1" is new at our loft!