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Granddaughter 1.NAT

Pris: 3000,00 NOK
Orginal TWAN BONGERS (Aarden / Wanroy) Direct daughter "BONTE Jr" FATHER «BONTE Jr.» is already father to: - 6e / 8.360b INT.NAT Narbonne - 35e / 9.757b NAT St. Vincent - 69e / 8.845b INT.NAT Agen MOTHER «Toptalent» has raced 329e / 15.192b INT.NAT Perpignan (1.006 km), as a yearling! (She was 3rd Yearling in the race). «Toptalent» is inbred and Double grandchild «KIMLYNN»

Grandson 1.NAT

Pris: 3500,00 NOK
Orginal TWAN BONGERS (Aarden / Wanroy) 2x grandson "SUPERKLAMPER" and grandson "KIMLYNN" Half brother: 10e / 3363b NPO Bergerac 2e / 7209b RCC Bergerac 781e / 5586b BPO Souterraine

Daughter 1.NAT

Pris: 6000,00 NOK
Original TWAN BONGERS (Aarden / Wanroy) NOTE! Pigeon has old ring (born in 2010) Direct daughter super racer and breeder "KIMLYNN" with: - 1e INT.NAT. / 22.319b Perpignan 2006 (1.016km) CORABIA OLR 2016 child: 190e / 866b (515km) 388e / 1036b (368km) 393e / 1342b (270km) 1092e / 1454b (178km) 595e / 1802b (115km)