This section is used in conjunction with current sales of pigeons or other relevant pigeon articles from our loft.


We can recommend following:

  • Picking up pigeons directly from Helgesen Racing Pigeons by agreement.
  • We can help with transport or contact info within Norway, pick-up point in Denmark or Germany.  


See our Auction sub-menu for more info about ongoing web auctions with our OLR final arrival birds.


NOR-032-16-500 (A)

Pris: 75,00 EUR
Original Helgesen Racing Pigeons Very nice inbred Kannibaal cock for sale! Halv-brother/sister won 55 prize in the West Slovakia Derby Final (522km) 2017

NOR-032-16-357 (A)

Pris: 100,00 EUR
Original Helgesen Racing Pigeons Very nice sire and 2x Grand Grandchild "Kleine Dirk" for sale! Raced at DAPIRACE 2016 - 142e / 1164b (250km) - 337e / 840b (Final 350km) Brothers/Sister OLR's results in 2016: ALGARVE GREAT DERBY 2019 - 16p / 1.697b (Final 420km) DERBY DE FARO - 93e Final (405km) GOLDEN RACE ALGARVE - 226e/ 4.597b (135km) + arrival at Final (505km) OSTSEEFLUG USEDOM - 102e/ 1.586b (180km) + arrival at Final (350km)