This section is used in conjunction with current sales of pigeons or other relevant pigeon articles from our loft.


We can recommend following:

  • Picking up pigeons directly from Helgesen Racing Pigeons by agreement.
  • We can help with transport or contact info within Norway, pick-up point in Denmark or Germany.  


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GrDgt Bonamo

Pris: 1200,00 NOK
Price in euro is 120 EUR Nice youngster and Granddaughter of the super breeder "BONAMO" Father is "Son Bonamo" (Orginal Van Roy Koen / C. & G. KOOPMAN). Great inbred at "Den DROMER" and is a direct son at superbreeder "BONAMO" Mother is "Super Mario Jr." (Orginal ANDREAS DRAPA). Direct daughter the great racer "Super Mario" (4x1p). Grand daughter the super Rauw Sablon breeder "LUCKY 848"

GrDgt Pokerface

Pris: 2000,00 NOK
Price in euro is 200 EUR Great inbred pigeon by brothers pair "CHAMP" and "CARL" (super racers and breeders at Andreas Drapa). FATHER is full-Brother to "Prince of Corabia" from Arctic Loft of Norway (ANDREAS DRAPA lines) MOTHER is granddaughter the Andreas Drapa's super Breeder and Racer “POKERFACE” with: - 1st German & 2nd International Olympiad Pigeon in Posen 2011 - 1st at the Europe Cup Allround 2010 “POKERFACE” - Son of Famous "CHAMP" x "NATIONAL 4" - Father to "SKY FIGHTER" (1st nat. acebird HDI Germany 2013), "HERO" (winner 9x 1st) and grandfather 1185/13 (3rd nat. young acebird HDI Germany 2013) - 1st National Ace Pigeon RIRO 2009 with 9 first prizes