• "Big Vos"

  • "Lady Totila"

  • Pedigree!

    Original Maziarz Occzkowski

    «BIG VOS» is another new added breeding cock from Maziraz and a direct son of “RED VOS” x “BLUE SKY”

    Father “RED VOS” is a very good racer for the distance 100km to 750km. In this pedigree you will find the best breeding pair of Heinz Willi Ritz, in additional to Olympic pigeons from Geert Philips (OLYMIC SAZIL).

    Mother “BLUE SKY” is a very good racing hen, and winner of 1st price from 540km with head wind and hot weather. She is a son of Maziraz top breeding cock “NEW STAR” (org. Heinz Willi Ritz) sold for 7.000 euro to China in 2016.

  • Pedigree!

    Original Helgesen Racing Pigeons

    "Lady Totila" is mother of 1 prize winner (100km) section 14 in Norway (2017 young birds). This nice lady is a grandchild "TOTILA"x"HALLA", and "sister TOTILA", in additional to be a grandgrand child "HARRY" x "sister HARRY".

    "Lady Totila" raced in section 14 Norway 2016:
    - 10e / 161b (100km)
    - 22e / 143b (100km)
    - 23e / 135b (150km)
    - 42e / 159b (150km)

    BROTHER is 37 ACE bird (out of 1677 birds) with 4 prizes in Ostseeflug Usedom 2016
    - 52p Race 1 (180km)
    - 137p Race 2 (210km)
    - 298p Final Race (350km)

  • "Big Vos" is new at our loft!

  • "Lady Totila" is mother to:

    "HAUKELI STAR" won in section 14 Norway 2017:
    - 1e / 142 birds (100km)
    - 17e / 118 birds (100km)

    "SILVER" raced in section 14 Norway 2017:
    - 7e / 118 birds (100km)
    - 14e / 142 birds (100km)