Ongoing auction with our birds!

Take advantage to acquire some of our great OLR pigeons who have achieved good results through the 2019 OLR season!

At this page we would like to inform you about ongoing auction with birds from our loft.



"BOURGES 300" for sale at DAPIRACE web auction!

"BOURGES 300" is now available for sale at DAPIRACE web auction.

This bird won an 89th prize in the DAPIRACE OLR Final (400km) towards 775 birds.

"BOURGES 300" is a grandchild of Wichert´s 1st prize FCI winner in Mediterraneo 2016, in additional to our friend Heijnen & Zoon very strong 1st NAT Bourges line.

«BOURGES 300» is half-brother to «New Raket» who won a 59th prize (raced by us) in the Algarve Great Derby final 2017 towards 1.339 final birds. Our «New Raket» was bought by Gianfranco Balla, and is father of Balla's 1 prize winner in Colombaia Unica Naztional OLR Final 2018 (485km).

A full-brother of mother is father of 17p winner in Superstar 2019, in additional to be the 18 ACE bird (see our breeding PAIR 12 for more info).

Half-brother of «BOURGES 300» is father of our:

  • 35 prize winner in Derby Zagreb semi-final 2019 (350km)
  • 36 prize winner in Talent Quatro Final 2019 (419km - 1.074b)

See our breeding PAIR 15 for more info about «BOURGES 300»

Auction ending at Sunday, September 22, 2019 – 18:00 (local Danish time)