"Invidual breeding boxes" ensure 100% paternity and breeding quality!

The main target for our breeding loft 2019 is to participate in one loft races with vital and good youngsters. Hopefully we will improve our good 2017 and 2018 results in the upcoming OLR season.

This year we also have replaced or added new birds in combination of own bred, existing and some new strains. 

New 2019 birds with our existing strains:

  • Nico van Noordenne (Kasai)
  • SG Steffl (Giant Pair, Königin Ostsee, Gomez, King of Venlo)
  • Karl Heinz Wichert (Yvan, Scleswig Turbo, Miss Corabia, Van de Wouwer)
  • Günter Götz (OLR winner strains)
  • Drapa (Pokerface, Sky Fighter, König/Königin)
  • Degeanu Florin (Dama de Aur, Pokerface)
  • Helgesen Racing Pigeons (Pokerface, Götz strains, Giant Pair)

New 2019 birds with new added strains at our loft:

  • HJM de Weerd (Van de Wouwer)
  • Bosko Jenjic (Giant Pair, Hok M.Reijnen)
  • Martin Sævareid (Mira FCI winner 2017, Pokerface, Noordenne)
  • Ilian Bojilov (Flor Engelse)
  • Nitu Robert Petre (Balkanic Fair Play, OLR winner strains)

You will find all our breeding pairs in the sub-menu above and do not hesitate to contact us if you find some interesting pairs / youngsters. (2019 pairs will now be added)


  • Son of «1st ACE Corabia» 2017 x 2nd prize winner AS Golden Race

  • 5 ACE bird Sofia 2018

  • 12 ACE bird Superstar 2018

  • 10 ACE bird Corabia OLR 2018

  • Granddaughter "Giant Pair"
    (83p winner in Ostserennen 2018, and sister of 3p Sofia and 8p AS Golden 2018)

  • 30p winner Superstar 2018

  • 36p winner Corabia OLR 2018

  • Sister MIRA FCI Winner 2017 (raced in Sofia OLR 2018)

  • Grandson "Giant Pair"
    (raced in Sofia OLR 2018)

  • Raced in Talent Quatro 2018 (full-brother 34p FCI Final winner Corabia 2018)

  • 95p winner AGD 2018
    (full-brother 34p FCI Final winner Corabia 2018)

  • 121p winner Talent Quatro 2018 (grandson "Giant Pair")