• "Mr. Ostseerennen"

  • "Totilas Fighter"

  • Pedigree!

    Original Helgesen Racing Pigeons

    “Mr. Ostseerennen” is a grandson «POKERFACE», «TOTILA» and «HALLA». Full-sisters/brothers and half-sisters/brothers have raced very well at OLR races in 2016 and 2017.

    FATHER “Son Pokerface” has bred many good OLR youngster in additional to be grandfather to Martin Sævareids 1 price FCI winner in MIRA OLR 2017 (winner of 24.000 EUR).

    MOTHER is a direct daughter of “TOTILA” and “HALLA” from Jens Borker (GÜNTER PRANGE strain)

    “Mr. Ostseerennen” has also raced at the Ostseerennen OLR 2017 with following results:
    - 155e / 926b (Final 405km)
    - 242e / 1.347b (266km)

    Full brothers raced in SOFIA '17
    - 10e ACE bird (2.400 birds)
    - 76e (190km)
    - 77e (FINAL 420km)

    Full brothers raced in Mediterraneo '17:
    - 36e (200km), 75e (146km)
    - 135e (FINAL 518km)

    Full brothers raced in West Slovakia Derby '17:
    - 13e (283km)

  • Pedigree!

    Original Helgesen Racing Pigeons

    «Totilas Fighter» is a very nice granddaughter of «SKYFIGHTER» (daughter of "POKERFACE") and «MISS WORLD» (Drapa).

    FATHER is inbred “TOTILA” x “HALLA” in additional to have the famous “261” (GÜNTER PRANGE) in his bloodlines.

    MOTHER is a direct hen from the super racers “SKYFIGHTER” and “MISS WORLD”.

    "SKY FIGHTER" raced 6x1p:
    - 1e NAT ACE 2013
    - 1e / 8.322b (409km)
    - 1e / 5.571b (414km)
    - 1e / 3.595b (414km)

    "MISS WORLD" raced:
    - 1e / 15.831b (500 km)
    - 2e NAT. / 40,225 birds

    FULLBROTHER of «Totilas Fighter» won 80 prize in Ostsereennen OLR Final (405km)

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  • "Totilas Fighter" is new at our loft!