The basis for our pigeon loft is to breed young birds for different One Loft Race competitions in Europe.

After 11 years break from the pigeon sport we re-established the loft in 2015. Our breeders are based on high-performance all-round strains from Germany, Holland and Belgium.

Typical well-known pigeon strains at our loft:

  • ANDREAS DRAPA (Pokerface, Skyfighter,Champ, Carl, Younge Super Crack, Super Mario)
  • JENS BORKER / PRANGE (Totila, Halla, Blue Magic, Wonderboy)
  • NICO van NOORDENNE (No Limit, Amazing Surprise, Torero)
  • SG STEFFL (Algarve Gigant, Königin der Ostsee, King Ali, Pancho)
  • KOEN van ROY (Bonamo, Kleine Dirk, Den Dromer)
  • C&G Koopman (Kleine Dirk, Den Dromer)

Enjoy our site and do not hesitate to contact us if any questions.

Helgesen Racing Pigeons w/ Bjørn Ove Helgeen & Zoon




  • "WONDER 307"

  • "STAR 216"